Sales Reps

Your success is important to us. We know you have a choice when it comes to merchandise for your store. Our reps know our line and they understand how best to help you succeed with Park Hill Collection items. You’ll benefit from their knowledge of products and knowledge about the stores around you – ensuring you the best sell through and success.

Sales Representative Contact Region
Ken Godsey-Principal Email Key Accts, Atlanta
Amy Godsey Email Close outs, National Accts
Julia Fleming Email N. Georgia, Atlanta, Chattanooga
Jim Hall Email N. Carolina, S. Carolina
Lauren Tomlinson Haley Email Arkansas, Tennessee
Mac Howard Email West Texas
Jack and Helen Forester Email N. Florida, Alabama, Mississippi
Julie Forester Email N. Florida, Alabama, Mississippi
Mike Fiadino Email PA, DE, NJ, NY
Rebecca Dunn Email OH, KY, IN
Tammy Meinhardt Email Kansas, MO-North
Laurie Martin Email Oklahoma, Wichata Falls, Texarkana, MO-South
Denise Shaffer Email Louisiana, East TX
Chris Mattox Email Houston, Dallas
Tracy Campbell Email NM, CO, UT
Cheryl Umbach Email VA, DC, MD
Margaret Quirk Email San Antonio, Austin
Donna Salm Email N. California
Dave Fenn Email S. CA, Arizona, NV
Chelsea Westerhold Email S. CA, Arizona, NV
Cindy MacIver Email WA, OR
Greg Whitehead Email FL
Jenna Kelly Email WI
Ryan Courtois Email NE, Iowa
Lee McCloskey Email New England
Kari Lortz Email WY, MT, ID
Denise Toop Email MI
Gayla Reynolds Email IL
Molly Kujawa & Shannon Lovich Email ND, SD, MN