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Update from Pressroom


Hello, everyone, from My Old Kentucky Home!

I just wrapped up catalog press check #19. Little over halfway through. Going on my third shift of pressmen. We should be done by around 4pm tomorrow. 

I feel like Alice in Wonderland. Either I have shrunk, or everything here is so big (see photo of ink canister, below).

Press checking the cover. The rough coating looks outstanding with the cover photo.

Got Ink?

This isn't even the big paper holding area. A train literally pulls right up to the facility to unload the rolls. I think most of these were labeled Park Hill. :)

I have a cozy little waiting room inside the facility. Tish will remember it fondly. It is thoughtfully stocked with an electric blanket and wifi. Outside my "office" forklifts and beeping wheeled machines go whizzing by non-stop. It's like a little city, or Vegas--is it night? Is it day? Who knows. It's always somebody's lunchtime.

Am I getting punchy?

Regardless, the catalog pages are looking really good. Just minor tweaks of color to a woodgrain here and a leather bag there. Everyone says how beautiful the products and the catalogs are.

Guess what else I see coming off the presses? Adult coloring books. Who saw that one coming?

The bat phone is ringing! I am wanted at the press. Will update you as things progress.

Amy Gatewood
Allegra & Image360