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The power of flowers


So many times I think we can make the idea of giving flowers too much of a process that we just don’t make it part of our everyday lives. There are numerous occasions that using your local professional florist is absolutely needed. As a former florist of 18 years I appreciated the business, but I also realized that teaching an appreciation of flowers is just as important to drive future business. You have to teach what is so wonderful and expressive about flower so everyone can completely understand how they work their magic.

I love making these little posies by walking around the yard to find little pieces of pretty. It usually takes only about five to seven stems tied up with some twine. Each stem should only be about 6 inches long. Look for what is blooming best and then think of a pleasing color combination with different textures. Don’t forget foliage can be just as interesting as a flower.

 The bouquet above was intended to be very fragrant using a Gardenia, Korean Spice Bush flower, Pansy and Mint along with Cherry Yarrow and White Loropetalum. These sweet little nothings look great dropped into a little glass vase or flea market cup, tied on as a package decoration or even placed on your guest’s pillow in the evening.

I can remember the first time I picked flowers and arranged them into my first bouquet. I had watched my Grandmother pick and arrange flowers from her garden to take to the cemetery. Following her lead I picked the bright orange flowers from her trumpet vine growing on her fence. If you really think about your most special memories, more than likely there is a flower or flowers that are associated with that memory. Now you can start to realize the power of flowers.