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The Little Curved Back Chair


I wanted to share this story with you because I love all the emotions expressed from our new friend Nicole. It shows just how passionate people can become over a little Park Hill Collection item. It also shows that someone with a creative mind has already thought of how to use something even before they have actually bought it!  I can relate. I am already envisioning the sunflowers arranged in a vase as I am planting the seeds.

We are always trying our best to provide great customer service. If we know about a need, we can use our creative minds to help make something happen. We just knew we could find this discontinued little chair somewhere. After reading Nicole’s expressive letter to us we wanted her to have it too. In return we received the nicest thank you note, blessings and the opportunity to see Nicole’s talent in these enchanting children’s photographs.


Hi Park Hill…

I have to share with you, I have fallen in love with one of your pieces. I want to tell you the story. J It begins with the fact that I’m a newborn & Baby photographer ( My family and I were on a 12 hour drive to visit family over the new year, and we stopped in at a cute little store. I saw this children’s chair with a stuffed animal on it and I gasped. Do I already have a bunch of chairs in my studio, YES… did my husband roll his eyes at me, YES… but I said, “Babe, I will get rid of 5 chairs to have this one, it’s PERFECT!”… to which he responded with another eye roll. J We were in a hurry to get on the road, but I made my boys wait while I tried to find a price. It turns out, they would only sell the chair with its pair and a table… and they couldn’t find the price. *so sad*… I decided I needed to stop making my family wait in the middle of such a long drive and, “I’d just look it up online.” I spent HOURS searching, and did not find the chair. *so sad* I told my husband we would be stopping back at that store (Harris Ranch in CA), on our way home. 

Fast forward to our drive home… It is the middle of the worst storm CA has seen since the 80’s… but I made my family take the exit. I got into the store, and again they could not find the price. This time, I was more firm and told them I needed to know… I just had to have the chair. To no luck *so sad*… The assistant manager told me he would have to check with the person working the next day, and he could set it aside for me to pick up at that point. Incredibly sad, I left the store with out your amazing little curved back children’s chair. I left them my contact info, hoping they could at least tell me the manufacturer so I could make more attempts at having it. 

Sorry, I’m long winded, but I Just needed you to get the feeling for how much I LOVE that little chair! J

So here I am… a woman who is trying to forget about the cutest little chair and just move on, but is failing at that task. I wanted to send you a message to see if you might be willing to sell me one of these chairs? I will attach a terrible cell phone photo I snagged really quickly as my little boys were pulling my other arm to leave. (Ok, now that just sounds pathetic! LOL But, alas, it’s true!) If you’d be willing to, I would love to get a quote from you. I did see that you have retailers in my local area (I live in Sonoma, CA 95476)…  The other option I was thinking is if I could get one of them to place an order for a chair in one of their orders (Yes, I’d be willing to go bug them too! Lol).

I have a vision of a fat little six month old giggling in your chair for photos, and feeling safe because of that curved support in the back. I’d love to make my vision a reality! (The color in the attached photo isn’t as important to me as just the curve and size!)

Thank you, if you have read this far, for hearing me and I hope to be able to tag your business in my images on facebook soon!  I would not be surprised if you got flooded with requests for the perfect little chair. <3

Nicole Jackson

Hi Todd & Charlie…

I cannot even begin to tell you the shock I was in when I heard my voice message from Lorn today. Not only did ya’ll get my message below, but you were kind enough to find me a chair… and then ship it to me for free!?! My eyes literally just welled up with tears typing that out. I was not expecting that, and I so very much appreciate it! I shared my story of trying to get the chair on my facebook page, and how kind you are being, along with a link to your products so people can go purchase items from you! I will tag your company on my business page when I use the chair as well, so people will know where to look for great items! I know Lorn said the chair is discontinued, but in looking at your website, there are plenty of great pieces to look through! I love your style.

Kindness goes a long way in today’s society. I live my life always trying to show kindness, but it is not something that so quickly is returned often.  I am going to pray for your business today, that the Lord would bless you in a way that ya’ll have blessed me… It’s the moments like these where it feels like He’s with me and saying, “I gotcha girl!” I did not “need” that chair (but don’t tell my husband, because I told him I did! Lol)… but I really wanted it. I am going to pray the Lord goes above your needs and fills some wants in your lives too! 

Blown away and grateful,