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The first issue of Arkansas Food and Farm


The first issue of Arkansas Food and Farm was recently published. I was so excited when the photo of my greenhouse was selected to be featured on the first cover of this new publication. It is a resource guide with listings of Arkansas grown products, farmer’s markets and restaurants that serve locally grown foods.

The greenhouse was built last fall out of local cedar and crystal clear skylight panels normally used in metal buildings. In the cover shot you may notice the hanging light fixtures, Park Hill Collection item NH9705, Galvanized tin pendant light. I love the way they look hanging as task lights over the potting benches. Other Park Hill items included are the antique white terra cotta pots and saucers and our FH815, vintage round wash tubs. Great used as planters. I spend time in the greenhouse every evening after work and on the weekends. It is my creative space that is very inspiring to me. Look for more greenhouse and garden items coming next year! I was very motivated to grow my own tomato plants from seed this year. This motivation caused me to start over 700 plants of over 25 varieties. I found myself having to go to local flea markets and store fronts to sell off what I could not give away. Now I am listed as a local tomato plant grower!