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Road trip. Little Rock, Arkansas to Coweta, Oklahoma.


I attended my first chicken auction last Friday night in Coweta, Oklahoma. It went on until 3 am. What I thought was simple Friday night entertainment turned out to be very serious business for these folks. Todd took some chickens and hatching eggs to sell and I went along for the ride and to satisfy my curiosity.

Check in started at 12:30 pm with the auction starting at 6:30 pm. We decided to look around Coweta.

We were hungry so we headed to the downtown business district and noticed Dixie’s had the most people eating inside. I had an incredible burger and Todd said his spaghetti was the best he has ever had in his life! All the entrees at Dixie’s are served in vintage pie tins.  When they brought out the banana pudding in a measuring cup I was giddy.

We drove around and noticed, Atwood’s Ranch and Home. What is not to love about ranch or home? Stepped inside to the “Wall of Seeds”. I have a thing for seeds, especially this time of year just before spring planting.  I saw this and became weak in the knees and informed Todd I needed more time.  I have never seen so many seeds on display. They also had good quality, high protein chicken feed at a reasonable price. Both of us left happy.

We returned an hour before the sale started to get a good seat. Sounds funny, but there were hundreds of people at this thing!  All things poultry were sold. First were the feeders, pans, watering tanks, barrels and salvage. Then eggs. Eggs to eat and eggs to hatch. I saw one hatching egg for a goose go for $30.00 and it was not even golden! Next up were boxes of newly hatched chicks. Then a fast paced parade of Peafowl, chickens, geese, guineas, ducks and even some rabbits. In total about 1500. The best part of this trip for me, besides seeing these amazing animals and the characters who love them happened in line at the snack bar. A snack bar ran by the local 4-H Club where the menu items were either 1, 2 or 3 dollars.  I noticed an elderly Grandpa with his young grandson. He asked his Grandson if he wanted to split a candy bar. It was a sweet moment.  More than anything I am reassured the American farm family is still going strong.