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Planting Park Hill Seeds


For years Gina Galvin of Peacock Park has told me I really should have a Park Hill blog. So after all of her months of nagging, no let us call it "motivational speaking" I am ready to start! It also seems fitting because a lot of things get started around Park Hill this time of year. Todd and I have been working like crazy to introduce over 100 new select items just in time for the summer markets.  There are some wonderful things ahead. At the same time we are also working on new items for the next January market.

Our big summer garden in Vilonia, Arkansas is planted and already sprouted in less than a week’s time.  Vilonia is about a half hour from Park Hill and each spring we plant this garden down the hill from Todd’s mom and dad’s place. It is beautiful out there and we have taken product pictures out there as well. (Refer to our red truck catalog).  This also guarantees Todd’s mom she will get to see him at least once a week! The House in Park Hill is shaded by large oaks. We can grow Hydrangeas like crazy, but couldn’t grow a tomato if our lives depended on it. If you have visited our showrooms you probably have seen the cut hydrangeas.  There are two flower beds at our warehouse that are also planted with vegetables.  We had to do something productive with our chicken manure when we clean out the coop! Maybe we are just frustrated farmers.

In addition to all that, it is now time to plant our pots of corn, sunflowers and others to ship to our showrooms in Dallas and Atlanta.  ( I am thinking about having my nephew in California grow some things for the L.A. showroom).  This makes me a little crazy because every crop must be timed, Corn 66 days, zinnias 80 to 110 days, Moulin rouge sunflowers 65-75 days.  If they mature too early or too late it just will not work for the shows.  I can recommend some great seed companies.  Harris Seed Company, Park Seed Company and Johnny’s Seed Company are my favorites.

Well that is the first entry. Remember every idea starts by planting a seed. We have been doing that a lot around Park Hill lately, both literally and figuratively!