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We did our first photo shoot of new product introductions on Monday. We will introduce over 130 new items to the Park Hill Collection just in time for the summer markets. It is a very exciting time and a little crazy making too! All the new items will be available to view at our three showroom locations in Atlanta, Dallas and Los Angeles. Our road representative will also be available to see you on the road if you cannot attend any of the shows. Please contact customer service if you do not know who your sales rep. is. We have a great sales team that is there to insure your success in selecting the items that are just right for your product mix.
I have included in today’s post a 30 second film clip of our new pastoral toile arm chair with our photographer Nancy Nolan’s rescue bird named Oscar. Nancy found him as a tiny baby in an alley near her studio. With Todd’s expert bird advice and Nancy’s Earth Mother instincts, Oscar is doing quite well as you can hear from his sweet chirps.  Of course he lives in a Park Hill birdcage, but just until he is transitioned and ready to fledge. You can also hear the rumble of truck engines delivering container loads of incoming freight to keep us well stocked. A lot is always going on around during these shoots. The setting is in front of our warehouse office where we have planted a vegetable garden in what was meant to be flower beds. We thought it was a great setting for this product series and the farm inspired pattern of the upholstery fabric.