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My Favorite Time Of Year


You realize the fall season in approaching when you feel that certain chill in the morning air accompanied by the very distinctive fragrance of fallen leaves and damp earth. Most people I know look forward to spring, but autumn is my favorite time of year. I think we all appreciate things more this time of year because we have a sense that everything is fleeting and will soon be gone. The long bountiful days of summer are now over. We even seem to appreciate the warmth of the sun even though we complained about it all summer long.
I remember my first trip out of California to Wichita, Kansas was in the fall. It left an everlasting impression with me. I was visiting Susan’s Flower’s and was so impressed by the vintage traditional homes decorated with wreathes and the biggest chrysanthemums I had ever seen! If you make a circle with both your arms that is about how big they were.  In most parts of California “fall leaves” are brown palm fronds and chrysanthemums are the supermarket plants that nobody really wants. Kansas changed all that for me.  It was as if there was a festival going on down every majestic tree lined street. Autumn in California was not expressed with the same enthusiasm where I lived.  It was all about getting the cotton picked before it rained. There was no time to decorate. You had to go further north to really see fall.  Of course a lot of that has changed with fall becoming more popular in seasonal decorating in the last few years.  I am so glad. I just wish everyone would not decorate for Christmas so early. It cuts into my enjoyment of fall decorations a little too much for my liking.
One of my favorite things to do this time of year is to surprise someone with a beautiful fall wreath. We all know at least one person who has had the same tired looking wreath hanging on their door for far too long. You know the one. You can’t understand why this normally together in every way person has this faded, tattered thing with silk flowers so dated it looks like it was made in the 80’s during a crafting binge.  They have this, “This looks good enough for another year” kind of thought process.  Well that was Thirty years ago!  What a shocking realization that is.  It is time for a fall wreath intervention.
There is still time to order more fall to fill in and it is conveniently on sale now at Park Hill. All fall items are 20% off. We will even push it out of our warehouse faster. Todd tells me I need to feature more product promotions in these stories, so this should get him off my back for a few days. Of course I told him not to tell me what to do! It is cooling down now so it takes less energy to be feisty. Yet another reason to love this time of year!