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It is 2012. Can real men eat quiche now?


Here is a quick recipe to try out this weekend for egg pie. I think calling it quiche is too high tone and may offend those who love French cooking. Besides, I still have issues from the 80’s when the book, Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche was published! So let us just call it egg pie for now. OK?
Our hens are laying 12 for 12. Eggs are in abundance! The best results in flavor come from basically cleaning out odds and ends from the refrigerator, (still fresh of course). This is a very “throw- together” recipe and not for the uptight. The best way is to just trust me and to just trust yourself!
Take a premade pie crust and place it in a pie pan. It helps if you spray some Pam cooking spray on the pie pan first for easier serving later. I use Pillsbury pie crust.   Pat the crust down and crimp the edges. This recipe uses several premade ingredients, because it is the weekend after all and I already have enough to do.
In a mixing bowl, beat with a fork 8 large eggs, then add milk, count to three and stop pouring the milk.  Any kind of milk as long as it comes from a cow. How do they milk those little soybeans anyway? Take two handfuls of grated, premixed cheeses to your liking. If you have random cheese, grate and use the same amount. If you have small hands, use 3. If you have big hands, good for you! You can add ham or bacon. IF you have sliced sandwich type ham or precooked bacon, cut up about 6 slices into small pieces.  You can add a couple diced green onions, about 6 cut up cherry tomatoes, half a bell pepper.  You may add Jalapeños as well or bits of fresh herbs. The list is endless. Just do not overdo any of the items and think Mexican or Italian flavors and select with that in mind. A pinch of salt. Pepper to taste. Mix a few times and pour into your crust. Place in center rack.  Bake at 375 until dark golden brown and center of pie is firm to touch.  Best served warm.  Re- heats easily. Delicious with salsa on the side!