Charlie's Blog

I'm Back


I have not made an entry since October 12, 2012. I thought I should explain. When I talk about things I am open to most everything. I like to find the emotional connection in all sorts of subjects. I watched far too many episodes of the Phil Donahue Show in the 80's to be any other way. It has been my belief our personal lives are so intertwined with our professional lives you cannot separate them. Last October, sometime around the 12th I encountered a very strong difference of opinion as to what subjects I should cover in my blog. My blog. I would never discuss anything inappropriate, but I do not like to be told what I cannot do. I began to feel constricted and my writing felt forced and unnatural so I stopped. It is not as if I didn't have many other things to do around here. I want my readers to have a full understanding of what inspires us when creating Park Hill items. To achieve this you have to hear what is happening in our lives. In the past that has included such riveting subjects as growing tomatoes and potted corn. One moment we can be discussing new designs for 2014 and then switch to how we want to trellis our cucumbers this year. In the morning we can be analyzing new candle fragrances, in the afternoon cleaning out the chicken coop. This is our lives, daily.

These two aspects are what we think keeps the Park Hill Collection unique and true.

The biggest influence this year was adopting our son, Leland Charles Smith. He has made our aspiration of living a good life in the country even more important. The attached photo was taken one busy morning, very quickly. It is truly a "snap shot" of our lives as only our photographer, Nancy Nolan can capture. Leland rolls right along with all the poultry, green beans and blue jeans. He makes us want to be better at everything. We know he has already influenced some upcoming products as well as how we balance our work schedule and family time. So there it is. That is where I have been. I look forward to keeping you updated in the coming months. I can assure you, I will be writing about whatever I feel like. I'm just not sure how I will react when someday, Leland tells me exactly the same thing!