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How are things on the west coast?


How are things on the west coast? I can answer that question with an enthusiastic, “TERRIFIC”!  Our Los Angeles show with the My House showroom was the biggest ever. The Chinese Olympic swimmer was not the only one to break records last weekend.
I want to thank everyone for showing up and supporting the show. It is truly a cooperative event. It takes vendors, showrooms and customer attendance to make a great show. That is very evident with what is happening in L.A.  Park Hill is very committed to building the L.A. Mart show and we plan to have some exciting things done before the next show out west. None of this would be possible if the numbers were not there. So, thank you for allowing us to continue our vision. I had several people ask me if we plan to show in Vegas. We will certainly keep an eye on Vegas, but we do not have any plans to return to that show. For us, the simple fact is the L.A. show is much better.  Our farmer style seems out of place in Vegas. Even my Dad preferred to gamble in Reno.  Also thanks to all of you who made the extra stop to see us in L.A. on your way to Vegas.
I think the one comment I appreciated the most was when customers thanked us for making the extra effort. Growing the corn, sunflowers and tomato plants in Fresno and hauling them to L.A. You noticed and appreciated them.
I will miss those mid-70’s temperatures though. I was hit with 108 degrees as I exited the doors to catch a taxi home. I told myself it was time to leave Lala land and back to reality. I got to check on my pumpkins!