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Hot Lanta


We are very pleased to announce our Atlanta showroom is completely set and ready to go. I can already hear the beeps of scanners harmonizing with the sounds of classic country music out on the floor as I write this! We have brought the look and feel of our summer garden to the Atlanta showroom in addition to a load of just picked tomatoes from home. 
Saying “very pleased” may be an understatement. We have battled temperatures over 100 degrees the last few weeks, Patti our customer service manager was out sick and Todd was bitten by a spider! The spider bite turned out to be very serious. You would think he would have been bitten in the garden or out near a wood pile, but it actually happened in the hotel bed of all places. You never know what can happen during a show set-up.  It reminds me of our first set-up in L.A. when we drove our samples out west. Our rental truck broke down on the fourth of July, in the Mohave desert and Todd had a Kidney stone all at the same time! Good times!
We hope to see you in Atlanta this week so we can make the biggest fuss over you with our brand of southern hospitality. If you cannot make it I have posted some showroom photos for you. Also remember we will be in full force in our beautiful new space in the My House showroom at the L.A. Mart.