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Hatching News


Just before Todd left for a recent trip overseas he placed a setting of eggs in an incubator. He wanted to get started on a new flock of chickens for our new warehouse location.  We will be moving to a newer and larger facility later this year. It’s a secret so don’t tell anyone! Surrounding the warehouse is a compound-like environment. It includes a small house that will be used as a regional showroom and a great space for a large garden, chicken coop and garden shed. More land! All the things we love and inspire the Park Hill Collection. Chickens have always been a part of Todd’s life. He gets that from his Grandfather when they traveled on Friday mornings to the big Poplar Bluff auction.  Recently Todd’s mom told me when he was in fourth grade he built a tree house and when she went to see it he had included his chickens in a pen surrounding the tree.  He was the sort of kid that asked for a box of nails instead of a toy, because he wanted to build something himself.
Todd’s trip was a little longer than usual, so I had the chore of turning the eggs daily and checking the moisture levels of the incubator, adding water when necessary. Oh the pressure of being a foster hen. On day 21 the first chick hatched and on day 22 Todd arrived home.  He now has 9 Silver Lace Wyandotte chicks. If you are interested in seeing what this little one will grow up to look like, refer to   page 15 of our 2012 catalog item J.  The top right and bottom center images of the round chicken prints on mirrors are of mature Wyandotte chickens.  A little agricultural education never hurts!