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Fried Green Tomatoes


Lately every weekend we have headed out to the Vilonia garden to tend to it. Every time we drive up we are amazed at the amount of growth from week to week. Yesterday we drove out and ended up picking green tomatoes. I am not sure who invented fried green tomatoes, but it must have been some enterprising and very impatient southerner. I admit the sight of all those mysterious green fruits can be very tempting. What kind of mind would think of slicing them, dipping them in batter and throwing them into some hot oil? There are a lot of southern recipes, but the ones that just plop things into grease seem to get most of the attention!
When I first moved to Arkansas from California and heard about eating some greens I thought they were talking about salad! I am still not quite used to eating mustard, turnip, collard or any combination of those, but can get just enough down to appear polite. I do have to admit that a little bacon or pork fat does tend to make them taste better. Some folks believe that anything deep fried is tasty, but nothing is more southern to me that fried green tomatoes. Maybe I have just watched the movie of the same name too many times. I even went back and read Fannie Flagg’s original novel. It is a great summer read I recommend completely and I recall it also includes a recipe for making fried green tomatoes too! There really is something special about that first tart taste of summer. In addition to that version, you can find many more on line, but I do believe you should turn to a southern cook for this recipe. Alton Brown, Paula Deen, Tyler Florence or Todd’s mom would be good places to start before you try to put some “south in your mouth”.