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Everything is going to be alright


I went to a funeral last week. It is a rare occasion you will find me in a church. I used to tell everyone I went to church every week, which was true. However, I was a florist there to set up the flowers for a wedding or a funeral.  Every time I walk into a sanctuary I examine and admire the design, construction and the overall impression of the space. I was sitting under the soaring beams of the St. James United Methodist Church for the funeral services of Donald Dupree “Don” Blair.  As I was sitting quietly in church I had many thoughts of my own Father.  I thought about what defines a father in the most simple of terms. During my quiet meditation I came to the conclusion a father is someone who assures you everything is going to be alright.  You may not see him every day, but you know he is there and you feel safe and assured that if you need him, he would be there to help and everything would be ok. As I watched Don’s son and his own three young boys walk up to the podium to give the eulogy I was struck by their poise and manners far beyond their years. Dressed in his best suit with a bow tie, the oldest grandson who is 8 years old gave the most beautiful remembrance speech about his grandfather who was a true southern gentleman. Don embodied all the graceful and gentle, well-mannered and sporting minded qualities that embody a true southern gentleman. As I watched this little gentleman give his speech I thought what an incredible tribute this young man is making. It was so reassuring to see the traditions and goodness that have been handed down for three generations. Sitting in this sanctuary and experiencing what a father had passed down was just the sign I needed to be assured everything in the world was alright. A true testament to what a father means to me.