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Don’t have a cow!


We feel so lucky to have the talented, professional photographer, Nancy Nolan here in Little Rock to help us with our catalog each year. Since the beginning she has been instrumental in translating our thoughts into Park Hill visual images.

Over the years this sandal wearer has learned to always wear boots when showing up for a photo shoot. With us, she never knows where she will end up, but it usually is somewhere with some kind of manure. She got up very early to capture this herd of cattle on location at the St. Joseph’s farm in North Little Rock. It is the site of a Catholic orphanage dating back to the depression years. The Catholic Nuns along with the children lived and operated this large farm. It was a self-sustaining farm way back then, before the phrase was in even thought of! It closed in the 70’s and is now being reborn as a mixed use facility and urban farming training center.

It was a misty morning on the hill top when Nancy arrived just after dawn. A few days before we had walked through and scouted shots that we thought would work for the upcoming catalog. Nancy got up that morning early to catch the good light. We had both been working long hours, so when she volunteered to go by herself I was all for it! The caffeine in this sleep deprived, hard-working single mom and former New York fashion photographer’s non-fat, wet, cappuccino had not kicked in yet and she was already at the pasture. Little did she know as she set up her equipment the cattle had mistook her in her assistants borrowed, oversized barn coat for the caretaker. They began to overzealously approach her on that well-worn path with a very ambitious appetite. Nancy was too tired and decaffeinated to notice what was happening as she focused her lens. Witness accounts (Nancy) say they sort of charged her until the skimpy and rusty remnants of a barbed wire fence was so taunt and stretched it sounded like guitar strings being plucked. She suddenly came to the realization this “dental floss” was the only thing holding back tons of bovine flesh from getting more closely acquainted with her. She finally looked up and FREAKED! Still, always the professional, she captured this beautiful shot. It is one of my favorites.