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Country Cake/City Cake


Todd and I went to visit our friends Donna and Darlene of d. Stevens during set-up for the Atlanta show. We wanted to admire their beautiful line of ribbons and accessories before we headed home for  the fourth of July. Before we could say good-bye I noticed the butter cream colored ribbons in a variety of patterns and textures. At that moment I remembered Donna was a little disappointed they did not have a display cake to decorate with their cake jewels. I am not really sure if that is what they are officially called, but we also call them “cake bling” too!   They are these stunning diamond-like stones set to create a gem encrusted ribbon. Adding them to the layers of a wedding cake will make even the most jaded romantic want to get married.
I had the idea while I was at home I would take the butter cream colored d. Stevens ribbons and make a display cake so our friends could have something to display their gemstones on. I also needed a new hobby, because Todd has been complaining I have been watching Real Housewives of Orange County too much! To quote him, “This place is going to hell since you started watching those housewives!”  So I went cold turkey and did not turn on the T.V. (thank God for the internet) Needless to say I needed something to occupy a little available time.  Usually I fold clothes when I watch the housewives, but now that wasn’t going to happen.
I have included two photos of the cake. One is the undecorated version without the accessories to show you how much the ribbon looks like an actual cake.  The second photo is of the same cake all bejeweled in a dazzling assortment.  If you are not familiar with the d. Stevens line make sure and stop by their Atlanta showroom this week located at 18A10-1. Make sure to allow plenty of time. You’ll need a few moments to recover from your fainting spell when you walk in and become overwhelmed by this incredibly beautiful line