Charlie's Blog

Back To The Future


Every so often you need to return to the beginning.  It helps to see how far you have come and reminds us of what was good in the past. Every year before we start our annual catalog we always look back at our past publications to see what is still good and what we could have done different or better. This exercise also reinforces our core values and the direction of the Park Hill Collection. Many of you have wondered why we have a rooster on our Park Hill Collection logo. Todd has always raised poultry from a very young age. He also has collected many items that are or have roosters on them.  The featured video is a look back from the archives of the PBS show Antiques Road Show filmed in Hot Springs, Arkansas on July 13, 2002. Here we see Todd Smith (without gray hair he claims was caused by the import business) with one of his prized finds. As a result, when we decided to use the historic neighborhood of Park Hill’s name for our new little company we knew the logo must have a rooster on it!