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Back to My Roots


I thought I should follow up with some details about my recent trip to California. It was great seeing my family. I think the one thing I enjoyed the most was looking at my oldest brother Anthony’s crops. On Saturday morning I jumped into his pickup and we took a tour of the fields. It has been a long time since I have had California field dust on my boots. I loved every minute of it. Our first stop was to inspect the acres of almond trees he had planted last fall.  The young trees are all so uniform and are already developing a nicely shaped crown so full of promise for future yields. We then took a look at his son’s pomegranate trees covered in vibrant red –orange blossoms. This is the place where I was raised, somewhere between an endless blue sky and an irrigated desert filled with incredibly beautiful crops.  A place somewhere between limitless blue sky dreams and the rugged reality of working on the ground.  In today’s world of technology with focus on larger yields I think farmers sometimes do not realize just how beautiful their crops are. I always marvel at the beauty of the craft of farming. Our last stop was to check on the cotton.  The field we viewed had been planted just before unseasonable rains arrived which delayed the other surrounding fields.  The sight of row after row of young cotton pushing through the heavy soil seems to be the most powerful symbol of hope.  Farmers must be the most eternally optimistic people of earth. Every year they replant a field full of hope and work hard to make a crop in spite of numerous obstacles. It is a vocation with many things to worry about. It is no wonder most farmers’ faces are as furrowed as their fields. Two days later I was cleaning the dirt off my boots and heading to Los Angeles.
The first order of business was catching up with Mary on those real housewives of Orange County. We have our priorities straight! We are also the only two people we know who admit to watching this show. With that accomplished the Park Hill display in the My House showroom started looking pretty good. After working a couple of days the showroom looks refreshed.  Over the next few weeks additional layers of new items will be added before the show opens. We will be including a display of Park Hill Christmas items in the L.A showroom as well.
We finished early on Thursday so Mary and Nathan took me to a great restaurant at 700 south Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles called Bottega Louie. I have passed it many times and it is always busy. I knew it must be good.  It is grand and casual with a lively mix of people. The food is artfully simple and delicious. I even spied Tabitha Coffey from the hit show, Tabitha’s salon takeover sitting in the far back corner. I wanted to ask to take a photograph with her to add to my Lisa Vanderpump, but was too afraid. If you watch the show you’ll understand! The next morning I left for Little Rock thinking about our new beautiful showroom, my wonderful dinner with good friends and a celebrity sighting as a bonus. Only in L.A.!