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Back In The U.S.A.


Last week I was riding through the countryside admiring cows knee deep in the cool shallow waters along the banks of the river, passed a man selling his watermelons from the back of his truck parked along the roadside and spotted a herd of goats happily grazing in a grassy field. Would you believe this pastoral view was actually China? I am so fascinated by the universal nature of farming. Farmers are farmers no matter what part of the world.  Those watermelons could have been anywhere in Arkansas. An old wooden picking basket looks the same whether it is in the Ozarks or Zhong Shan. The simple beauty comes from the utilitarian design and a wonderful patina from years of use.
After just returning from this China trip we are so excited how next year’s Park Hill collection is coming together. I believe it will be our most original and most authentic interpretation of our vintage style ever. I can assure everyone those inspiring rural scenes and their simple beauty will inhabit every detail of the new products.  That’s not braggadocio, but just excitement! Besides putting a little extra pressure on us just makes us try harder to get it all done!