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As the year comes to an end...


As the year comes to an end we are busy with final proofing on the 2016 Park Hill catalog along with preparations for showroom set-ups in Atlanta, Dallas and Las Vegas and working in a little Christmas shopping at our local stores. It has been a great year for all of us at Park Hill with a year of incredible growth. Every day we try to find ways to better serve, ship and inspire our customers. The upcoming catalog is based on “everyday inspirations” from our rural, country life-style. In the past we have often been warned not to use the word “country”, but we have never shied away from using it.  We really have helped redefine what country is. Each year before starting the new catalog, we return to all of our previous catalogs to remember where we came from and where we want to go. The 2016 catalog is our biggest book to date, with more products, more room settings and displays, but all the clever combinations and charm of our very first catalog. Most prominent are the images from our country lives that inspire the products we develop for Park Hill. On the cover you will see the above image of this wonderful, old farmhouse, sitting alone in fields that are long overgrown.  Every time we pass this place we wonder, who lived there and if it will ever be restored. There is a beauty that weathered wood and rusted tin take on over time that we love and respect so much so we are always trying to recreate it. We use these places as inspiration by respecting their time worn appearance and using that influence in useful and decorative items for today’s home.

With our move into our own farmhouse this year and raising our now, three year old son we feel more settled and love experiencing the country life now in a more fully realized way, much closer to how we grew up. It is a life experience we want to share with our son to teach him that you can have roots and wings. Our little boy has also taught us that no matter how busy we get, there is always time to make playdough pies or play with trains. It really is just another form of product development using our imaginations.  He already makes a mean fork finished edge on his pies! 

Look for the 2016 catalog to post on line just before New Year’s and look for a printed copy in the mail around February 1. We look forward to seeing at the upcoming shows.