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After days of being snowbound and rain drenched


After days of being snowbound and rain drenched, Little Rock is finally showing signs of spring. This is the South after all. We are supposed to be warmer, not just in our hospitality. Just ask any migrating goose.  We did take advantage of some of those frozen days to watch several seasons of “Fixer Upper”, and quickly became addicted and huge fans of this show. It is all the things we love at Park Hill.  Tune in if you have not already.

These recent teasing temperatures in the mid-seventies awaken my instincts to start spring cleaning and spring planting. Monday was a flurry of cleaning up around the warehouse dock and figuring out want to put in our park hill planters. This morning was so beautiful that I decided to pass on our Tuesday manager’s meeting and head directly to a nursery. I was so late already. Never drive a rental truck from Conway to Little Rock in the morning rush hour. I usually drive to work through a hilly route which is actually faster than getting caught in the commute. I just didn’t want to drive a truck on a hilly road this morning.  I made the best of this by rerouting to “The Good Earth”. Some people go bar hopping before noon, I go garden center hopping. Today I conveniently just happened to have a big truck.  Coincidence? I don’t think so. This time of year I can tell you where to find the best “what” and “where”.  Looking for a certain hard to find variety of apple tree? I can tell you where to find it. The Good Earth was a hive of activity this morning with landscape trucks heading out to jobs and everyone restocking the nursery with fresh arrivals. It is so exciting to see all this new plant material. I thought about getting a Monrovia tattoo. It was a design challenge to find: a small tree or standard, good for a container, evergreen or deciduous, tolerant of radiating heat from parking lot pavement. I live for projects like this! A little sick, I know.

The very best thing was the other afternoon I went to pick up Leland at Nanny’s and heard his giggle and laughter in the back yard. He was having so much fun playing outside, his dirty knee pants gave me such joy. He also likes to dig in the dirt, but usually with a toy excavator. I had not realized until this moment how cooped up he had felt as well. He likes gardening, sports, animals, Mexican food, baking cupcakes and construction site heavy machinery. I think the kid will be alright!

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I look forward to catching up with Y’all in the upcoming blog posts.